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Catholic Retirement Homes & Communities

Catholic retirement homes & communities – taking care of our parents when they are in an advanced age is one of the fundamental responsibilities of being Catholic, which is why Catholic retirement communities are so essential.

Senior citizens obviously have unique needs of their own and these range from day to day needs to those of a more spiritual nature. Thankfully, there are numerous facilities around that can accommodate those needs.

Catholic Retirement Homes & Communities
Catholic Retirement Homes & Communities

Most of the more established Catholic retirement homes – being Roman Catholic or not – offer a wider range of living options including independent living, assisted care and even rehabilitation. When making a decision about which option is best for you or your family member, it would be best to take your needs and independence level into consideration.

Catholic Retirement Homes & Communities In Virginia

Like most states, VA has a high population of elderly residents, many of whom have discovered the benefits of living in senior oriented communities in the state. The retirement communities in VA generally offer a few housing options all of which are tastefully appointed and require very little maintenance. The units in a retirement community in the “Old Dominion” typically range from studio apartments to one-bedroom apartments, and there are even larger units that have two or more bedrooms.

Of course there is also a slew of services included, such as housekeeping, regular meals, cable television and even more modern amenities. Depending on the policies of the retirement community in question, telephone and Internet service may or may not be included. The housekeeping service typically follows a twice-a-week schedule, although there is always staff on duty for any requirement.

Catholic Retirement Homes & Communities Virginia

Many of the options for Catholic retirement homes in the state offer assisted living units that are quite similar to independent living units, with the main difference being that residents are provided more care and assistance. If you feel that you or your family member requires a more comprehensive range of care services, this is the ideal option to go for. Depending on the residents specific needs and condition, this option may include assistance with general hygiene, dressing, medication and more. In addition, retirement homes in the state that offer assisted living options have emergency systems in case assistance is needed. There is also a team of nurses on hand around the clock. For residents that need some assistance from time to time but still want to live independently, this is the best possible option.

As for the spiritual needs of the residents, a retirement community typically provide a chapel for prayer and meditation, and regular Mass. Depending on the community in question, they may even welcome seniors of other faiths.

If you have made the decision to have you or your family member stay in one of the retirement homes in your area, the best way to find out more information is by actually visiting the Catholic retirement home and seeing it yourself. This should give you a good idea on whether or not Catholic retirement homes & communities is the right place for you.