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Easy Retirement Corpus Calculation | Step-By-Step Calculation using EXCEL | Gurleen Kaur Tikku

Calculating at the age 30 Years to retirement – 60-30 =30 Years post retired life – 85-60 =25 Current regular monthly expenditures intensified by inflation -6% for 30 number of years (years to retired life) This corpus is calculated utilizing PV (existing worth) formula pmt- repayment – month-to-month expenditures needed/ recurring expenses Answer is your Retired Life Kitty – Rs.6.80 Crores. We can calculate for various other ages as well The ideal component of succeed is you can drag solutions in various other cells as well and you will certainly get all estimations/ scenarios The estimations reveal that the farther is your retirement, higher is your demand for retired life corpus. We will certainly be calculating using pmt formula If you postpone your retirement planning, higher will be the monthly financial savings that you require to make to obtain the desired corpus We found out how we can calculate our retirement corpus, exactly how we can calculate our regular monthly cost savings to reach that retirement corpus.

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