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How to calculate retirement pay

At some point everyone who continues to
serve in the Air Force needs to start thinking about retirement. But what do all of those years of
service and accrued points actually add up to? Let's take a closer look at calculating
what your retirement pay looks like. You'll need two things before we start:
the total number of points earned, available from virtualMPF, and a basic
military paycheck. Now I know not everyone is a math whiz
but the following calculation shouldn't be too hard.

Here's our formula: retirement points /
360, times 2.5 percent, times the average of the highest 36 months of
basic pay. Now, before you rack your brain for those dusty math skills, visit myPers and search "retirement
calculator." This online tool will help you make this calculation more easily.
Normally service members are eligible to collect retirement at age 60. However, if you had periods of qualifying
active duty time this could be reduced to as low as age
50. For every 90 days of qualifying service, a reservist may reduce the retirement age
by three months. To learn more about what types of service are eligible for the
reduced retirement age, visit the ARPC website and search
reduced retirement age.

I encourage all Individual Reservist to
take a look at these numbers, they will help as you plan for the next phase of
your life..

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Retirement Guide

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