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How to Make $100 Per Month in Dividends #shorts

if you wish to make a hundred bucks a.
month in rewards it is going to take rather the investment to reach that point.
yet if you need to know just how much you need invested i'' m going to reveal you exactly how to do the. math since it is fairly simple the first thing you require to do in your calculator.
is transform the regular monthly quantity into a yearly amount so if you want to make a hundred bucks a month.
just take a hundred and also multiply that by 12 meaning year in a year as well as you'' re going to.
obtain 1200 dollars which is the yearly amount that you wish to be making in returns currently just look.
up any kind of stock that pays out a returns and also locate their dividend return so in this case coca-cola.
is paying out a current returns yield of 2.59 currently just go back into your calculator and.
take your yearly amount which was 1200 as well as split that by.0259 in the calculator.
which is mosting likely to give you 46 332 dollars that you require to invest today in order to make.
100 dollars a month in rewards through coca-cola.

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