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Retirement Calculator Instructions- how to use the free Excel retirement calculator- link below

The retirement calculator allows you to assess where you are in your retirement planning and what changes you need to make to improve your retirement situation. The spreadsheet works as follows. The blue cells are where you need to put … Read more

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Pay This Off Before You Retire – Retirement Planning Tips

in this video clip we'' ll check out what expenses you need to think of removing prior to retiring as well as a few mistakes that retirees make when it concerns costs in retired life there'' s a couple of … Read more

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Retirees Spend 80% of Their Income in These 5 Areas | How Do You Compare?

in this video we discuss five areas where retirees spend 80 percent of their funds and how to reduce the costs in these areas coming up next on holy Schmidt on average retirees spend 80 percent of their funds in … Read more

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